Is Precut for You?

Is buying your produce already precut right for your business?

The answer may depend on the size and/or number of locations in your organization as well as your goals as a thriving business. The following advantages have varying degrees of value to every business. Only you can determine if these advantages are right for your company.

  • In many cases precut produce can be less expensive than hiring unskilled and/or manual labor.
  • Precut produce will reduce your storage requirements in your walk-in cooler.
  • Precut produce will decrease your refuse expense by not filling your dumpsters each day with produce scraps and bulky boxes.
  • Precut produce provides continuity throughout multi unit locations.
  • Precut produce is washed and ready to use when you need it. No need to prepare large numbers of items only to see them go to waste when demand falls short of expectations and they expire before use.
  • Less cutting in the kitchen means less accidents. Less accidents means your worker’s compensation insurance may actually go down.
  • Precut produce means reduced labor costs.
  • Boston Precut produce can assist you in offering items that you would normally not have the labor to offer on a regular basis.
  • Professionally precut produce that utilizes proper food safety measures may bring higher standards than your current facility is capable of.